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Thieves and Queens
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Welcome to Sounis, a book discussion and fan group for the books The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, and A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner.

This is a community for people who love Megan Whalen Turner's writing, in any shape or form. Discussion and speculation (and endless questions) about the existing books take up most of the room, but fanart and other fannish activities are equally welcome. Feel free to post questions concerning characters, underwear, or even plot points, such as 'Who was that Goddess at the end of The Queen of Attolia?'

Fanfiction should be posted at the queensthief_fic community.

Fanletters have been sent off to the author in the past (with fantastic answers), and may well be sent off again. Our forum continues to be graced with MWT's comments now and then (and if that isn't incentive to join, I don't know what is).

The Conspiracy Room is a great place to chat with other fans of Megan's books. The room is password protected, but open to everyone - follow this link for the password. Most of us are friendly, and do not bite.

Members of Sounis are from all over the world. Add your location to the guest map,, so Megan can see how popular her books are!
To add your location: 1. Click on the guestmap button. 2. Zoom in on your location. 3. Sign your name, choose your icon, add a message. 4. Click "place".

Free Guestmap from Bravenet

The map will load slowly, so allow it a few minutes. The map can also zoom in to the level of individual streets, so to avoid giving your address away online don't zoom in too far when placing your pin.

(The old guestmap is FULL so do not post to it. Please use the flashing button above. You may, however, look at the old guestmap here.)

The series Readaloud, proposed and run by dannybailey consists of chapters from Megan Whalen Turner's books being read by various members of the community, and recorded as audio files. We hope to eventually have an unofficial audio book online. This is an ongoing project. If you'd like to bag a chapter, or listen to others reading, click here.

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The Rules are simply that discussion does not stray too far off topic, and that moderately civilised behaviour is maintained. If you have any suggestions or comments, send them to one of the moderators.

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