whataliethatwas wrote in sounis

Kindle Sale - Including RotT

So in my quest to find new 'while she knits' books based on recommendations from this group and others, I've discovered that a number of Kindle books are on sale, including the ebook version of Return of the Thief ($13 instead of $18).  I just got a copy of Inda for $3, Crown/Court Duel for $6, and Dark Lord of Derkholm for $5.  

I've only looked at a few authors so far, but there were more books discounted than normal when I go looking for books, so I figured I'd post here in case that's helpful to anyone else, especially if you wanted to preorder a digital version of RoTT.  

I know there are mixed opinions out there on Amazon as a business, so hope this is okay to post here.  Just figured I'd try to contribute toward any 'get all the books' goals others might have.  


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