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Reflecting with gratitude on a decade of fandom

I've been an official part of this fandom since 2009 (I lurked for a while before that), and more good things have come of it than I could ever have imagined. (Thank you, MWT.)

I hope an_english_girl doesn't mind me saying this, but her friendship is one of those good things. We've become transatlantic pen-pals with a tradition of exchanging fan fics on birthdays and gifts at Christmas. :) This year she gifted me (in addition to our usual trade of reading material) bee earrings, and I sent her goat socks! So fun.

Anyway, just wanted to give Sounis a shout-out, and thank you all for the conversation, kindness, humor, and general goodness you've generated via mutual love of books! The QT fandom is really special.

In keeping with the end-of-year theme, I've copied this questionnaire from Tumblr, in case anyone wants to share some of their bookish highlights for 2019! Feel free to pick and choose, or answer all of them!

1. How many books did you read this year?
2. Did you reread anything? What?
3. What were your top five books of the year?
4. Did you discover any new authors that you love this year?
5. What genre did you read the most of?
6. Was there anything you meant to read, but never got to?
7. What was your average Goodreads rating? Does it seem accurate?
8. Did you meet any of your reading goals? Which ones?
9. Did you get into any new genres?
10. What was your favorite new release of the year?
11. What was your favorite book that has been out for a while, but you just now read?
12. Any books that disappointed you?
13. What were your least favorite books of the year?
14. What books do you want to finish before the year is over?
15. Did you read any books that were nominated for or won awards this year (Booker, Women’s Prize, National Book Award, Pulitzer, Hugo, etc.)? What did you think of them?
16. What is the most over-hyped book you read this year?
17. Did any books surprise you with how good they were?
18. How many books did you buy?
19. Did you use your library?
20. What was your most anticipated release? Did it meet your expectations?
21. Did you participate in or watch any booklr, booktube, or book twitter drama?
22. What’s the longest book you read?
23. What’s the fastest time it took you to read a book?
24. Did you DNF anything? Why?
25. What reading goals do you have for next year?

And I'm adding one:

26. Did you watch any book-to-screen adaptions, and if so, what did you think of them?

* * *
Happy new year, Sounis! May your book collection increase (and with it your shelving space) in the new decade!
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