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Discussing Thick as Thieves (Spoilers)

So, Checkers and I felt we were getting a tad disorganized with our discussions of TaT and overwhelming ourselves, so here's a little order in the chaos. Below are all current Sounis spoiler-y threads for discussing TaT. I will add new ones as we go along. Feel free to start your own thread. Just remember to hide spoilers under an LJ-cut with a clear warning.

This thread will remain "sticky" (at the top) for a few weeks or so, giving everyone a chance to read the book and comment.

The Jamey Dodger Society Arc Group 03/19/17

Main Discussion Post with Chapter Thread Links and Topic Thread Links 05/16/17
(new links added for jumping to different topics)

Kamet's Map 05/17/17

Thieves, Thoughts, Thunderbolts 05/18/17

The Hands of the Gods 05/19/17

A Question of a Scroll 05/19/17

Thick as Thieves/Queen of Attolia Connections 05/20/17

Kamet's Near-Sightedness 05/21/17

The river knows it's time... 05/24/17

Two Questions 05/28/17
1: Immakuk and Ennikar
2: MWT's female characters and the Mary Sue interview.

Who is Gitta Kingsdaughter? 05/28/17

The King's Attendant 05/29/17
Bonus link to all previous threads on the young Eurondite.

Audrey's Review 06/03/17

A Crisp Fold 06/09/17

Tags: book covers, costis, dite, favorite lines/scenes, gen, general discussion, gods and goddesses, irene, kamet, maps, medes, myths, new book, sejanus, spoilers, thick as thieves
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