March 6th, 2020

Thief by Avian

Best Fantasy Heist Novels

Our favorite series gets a shout-out on BookBub's site, in an article titled, "14 of the Best Fantasy Heist Novels." If you're not familiar with BookBub, it's a free service that sends out notices of free and reduced price ebooks, new author releases, and reading recommendations. You can sign up for a daily email that gives you tips about what to read. I know someone here on sounis introduced me to it, along with Book Gorilla, a similar site.

Anyway, I loooove that it not only mentions The Thief, but also Six of Crows, and the Eli Monpress series, other favorites of mine. Have you read any of the other recommendations? I believe I tried the Locke Lamora book but didn't finish and now I can't remember why. Other favorite heist books?