February 22nd, 2020


Return of the Thief, Bus Edition

MWT has a book update on her tumblr!

"I am happy to report that I have finally reached that magical point where I tell my editor yes, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, she has my permission to publish the book posthumously.
I am still working on it, though, because I can’t stop until the copy editor threatens to murder me.
Publishing is a more violent profession than you might have realized."

(I definitely read that last bit in Gen's voice.)

Hooray! And congratulations to MWT! That is a wonderful accomplishment. :)


Commemorating Now That We've Got a Release Date?

After the original 'for our own good bait-and-switch' RotT release date, we talked a little about how to celebrate the series finale and many years of fandom when the book actually came out.   

So now that we all know what we're going to be doing in October, I had an idea for something we could maybe do while waiting in the proverbial guardroom, kicking our heels while the release date approaches and the book puts on the finishing touches.  I know there will be rereads galore (I've already seen a few discussed in other groups), but I thought it might also be fun to do something of a "where in the world is [The Thief]" or The Thief on vacation kind of thing.  You know those pranks where someone takes someone's lawn gnome and takes pictures of it on vacation around the world?  Maybe random pictures like that of tqt in the wild where people are re-reading or taking their copies on vacation, etc.  

Anyway, not offended if no one's interested, but I thought it could maybe be a fun interactive way of showing how far the fandom has spread or how the series still impacts our lives many, many, many years later.  :)