February 4th, 2020

Thank You All for Existing

Spent a portion of the weekend tracking down a parallel quote between King of Attolia and Game of Kings, and in the course of my research happened back upon this Sounis discussion from years ago about Gen-like characters in other works (https://sounis.livejournal.com/266931.html#comments).  I hadn't forgotten the discussion, but it was actually quite a surprise to review and realize just how many of my favorite books as an adult I owe to this group, and that discussion in particular (Dunnett, Heyer, Sayers, Wrede; DWJ, Sutcliffe, and Sherwood Smith books I hadn't known about yet, and many more).   

So at the risk of sounding sappy over fiction and clever but possibly petty characters, thank you all for being there, and for the influence your favorites have had in my life over the last decade+.  Also, ladyofastolat if you see this, a big thank you to you specifically.  

Also, this led me to another delightfully exciting TBR list that started with False Prince as it was the only availabe book at my library while I was there.  Have we discussed this before, and is there confirmation the author is a mwt fan?  Because wow were there some overt parallels!