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Drink in the Moon — WSK Bookclub

Thanks for your responses! Looks like the first WSK Bookclub pick of 2024 will be...

The Girl Who Drank the Moon cover art
The Girl Who Drank the Moon cover art

To give everyone plenty of time to get their library loan in and finish it, let's go with Sunday, March 10th as our chat date. The chat will be held in the Conspiracy Room at the usual time of Noon PT/ 1pm MT/ 2pm CT/ 3pm ET. 

We can finalize which DWJ series we would like to read during the chat. (Personally, I'm leaning towards Chestomanci, though we could do the Dalemark Quartet at a later date.) Expect a similar time frame to the QT re-read we did last year, so starting in late Aprilish. (I'm going to have to lock myself in a room and do nothing but taxes till then pretty soon here, but I will emerge to talk about this book.)

See you at the chat!

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WSK Book Club Reads

So, what should we read in 2024? Let's talk longer series to start reading in late spring. We discussed reading a DWJ series after we wrapped up our re-read of QT, mainly the Chestomanici Chronicles (6 books) or the Dalemark Quartet (4 books). Does anyone have other ideas? 

In the meantime, is anyone up for reading and discussing a stand-alone novel this winter? I humbly offer The Girl Who Drank the Moon. Not a direct MWT rec, but she said she was familiar with and liked the author, Kelly Barnhill. 

 Also, if you like, what are your 2024 reading goals? Mine in 25 books, with at least five of them being non-fiction. 

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Can't believe I missed this until tonight...

(Of course, that probably is the unofficial motto of MWT readers, but...)

I'm reading Thick as Thieves to my son and tonight we got to the part where Costis and Kamet have just escaped from the Namreen in Koadester. Costis is telling Kamet what "his king" thinks about the Emperor and empire building:

C: "We have the Greater Powers on our side"
K: He was naive. "That only means that one of the Greater Powers of the Continent will control the Peninsula instead."

Me: *face palm* as I realize that one of the major plot twists of RotT is laid out in black and white IN THE PREVIOUS BOOK.

And while I'm here, weren't we going to read some DWJ together this year? When are we going to start that? And which ones? I want to say it was the Chrestomanci series, but I could be misremembering.
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Happy Birthday to Us!

It's that time again. The leaves are changing color, the nights have grown crisp, and it's gourd season.

And, most importantly, our little old corner of the Internet here at Sounis can now legally vote, buy cigarettes, and purchase a firearm. (Although I hope it doesn't try to do all that.)

Yes, sounis is 18!

Happy, happy birthday to the smartest, friendliest site there ever was. Blow out those candles and dig into the cake!
Thief by Avian

Masked Chat observations

We had a great time at the Masked Halloween Chat, which was attended by Attolia, Eddis, Costis, Teleus, and Boagus. MWT came for a visit and a few tidbits were dropped that had me thinking, "hmm, I need to go back and look through RotT and MP, did I already know this??" So, take a look and see what you think. I wasn't able to copy the entire backlog, so here are the comments I'm wondering about. I've left out everyone's comments that were in between these.

mwt: Oh, Costis, tell me more. Your son was born, what, four years ago?
mwt: Oh, Kamet, how is he? Quite enamored of your wife's sister, isn't he?
mwt: Your wife's widowed sister.
mwt: With the three children.
mwt: Quite the (family) tree--what with Costis's sister and her husband living at the estate as well.
mwt: Let's see, if Costis's eldest is four years old,
mwt: If Timris is four, the twins must be eight by now, shouldn't they?
mwt: Eddis is awfully quiet--how is your son, darling?
mwt:I know he looks much like his great-uncle, but, as I'm sure you're aware, he takes after his father.

So, your thoughts on these children/relationships??

New friends!

Last night I went to my friends' house for a low-key Halloween-ish gathering with a few people that they knew. I got there pretty early, followed soon by another couple, two guys about my age.

The two guys talked about trying to buy a new car earlier that day, and then one of them asked me, "Is that your car in the driveway? With the vanity license plate?" and I said yes the ATTOLIA plate is mine, and he asked me what it was from. I said something like, "Oh, it's a name from this book series that I've been obsessed with since middle school."

"What book series?"

"It's 'The Thief' and sequels by Megan Whalen Turner."

His eyes got wide and said, "The Thief is a whole SERIES?"

"You know The Thief?!"

"Yes, but I only thought it was two books! I saw your license plate and was like, nah...can't be a reference to those books."

His boyfriend spoke up, "Wait? The Thief has sequels? I just thought it was the one book!"

What followed was about twenty minutes of everyone in a ruckus: me all excited because someone had actually recognized my license plate AND that I'd met two new people who had BOTH read and loved The Thief, both of them excited to learn that there was a whole series. 

The guy who'd only read the first one was especially excited, and wanted to read the rest of the series immediately. My friend who was hosting went and got their set for him to borrow, and he put them in his car immediately so he wouldn't forget.

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Masked Halloween Chat 2k23!

It's that time of year again! Are you ready for Sounis's annual masked Halloween chat? If you're not, it doesn't take long to get ready. Dress up as your favorite QT character and join your fellow reprobates in the Conspiracy Room this coming Sunday, October 29th at 6pm CT/7pm ET. (Note: this chat is at a later time for extra spooky goodness!)

If you are unfamiliar with masked chats, this a live roleplaying chat where you will pretend to be one of the QT characters. Please, log in with just your character name, and do not reveal your identity until the end of the chat. No one will know who is playing who and all sorts of shenanigans will ensue!

See below for the full list of codes of conduct and have a Happy Halloween!

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