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I've been doing some virtual programming and other MWT propaganda!

Hi, everyone! It's been ages — I've been lurking occasionally, but I haven't written in forever. I hope you are all well! 

I enjoyed seeing a few people virtually at Megan's recent "Day of Dialog" appearance. So wonderful! (Although I totally forgot to ask my most pressing question, concerning a book I think must have influenced her, which she has never mentioned... but I digress).

As some of you know, I am a YA Librarian, and my wonderful library has been having us create content. So recently the theme was "travel" and I posted this:

I'm also going to be doing a series called "Find Your New Faves" on Monday evenings, and I'm featuring "The Baker King" in the second session.  If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know — or come yourself! I hope it's OK for me to post the link? If not, please take it away, and if so, it's here:

Thank you, and have a great afternoon!

Thief by Avian

While She Knits--Coronavirus Edition

It's been awhile since we talked about what we've been reading lately. With the shelter-in-place going on, did you read more than usual? Were you totally into comfort reads, or finding the time to finally tackle those long, dense books you've had on your TBR list forever? What did you like, or hate?

Did the closure of libraries cramp your style or were you able to read on your ereader or pull a book from that towering stack we always seem to have nearby?

I hope everyone has stayed healthy and safe!

Hello, everyone!

I finally, officially decided to join this community. I have loved Megan Whalen Turner's works for such a long time now. I have visited this website before sometimes, reading your posts with a lot of joy, but never actually participating. Well, I'm doing it now. 

I first read the Queen's Thief series at fourteen, hungry for something new after "Thief Lord" by Cornelia Funke had first sparked my love for charming, clever master thief characters in fiction — and fell in love fast and hard. I'm pretty sure I have reread the series four or five times now, especially my favorite installments, TT and TQoA. I'd love to exitedly tell you all the details of my reading experience, but it seems a bit overbearing to me to post a wall of text in my first post ever. So I'll try to sum it up for you: if I had to explain in a single sentence why I love these books, I will say that they have soul. The world feels genuine. The themes are subtle, but strong. Even the gods feel real. And the characters themselves feel alive in a way you rarely see. But who am I telling this? You all wouldn't be here if you didn't feel the same way — and that's why I'm here too. If you are wondering what my general taste is like: Other favourite books of mine include The Count of Monte Christo, The Princess Bride, The ocean at the end of the lane by Neil Gaiman, Phantom by Susan Kay and The Winter Prince. 

So, yeah. I really look forward to talking about a book series that has really shaped me. If there is anything you think I should be aware of being new here, let me know. I have to confess that I am completely new to livejournal, having just created my account for this very purpose, so if I make any bizarre mistakes, thats why. And no, I don't have an Icon yet — I'm working on that, though :) . 

Be blessed in your endeavours — Your LaSerpe.

TT Book Club Help!

I'm part of a neighborhood group offering Zoom sessions daily in lots of subjects as mental health and education during Covid. They do book clubs, and naturally I asked to lead sessions on The Thief. I thought they wanted to keep things local, so I didn't post about it on here. But they just said they'd like me to invite anyone, so — any of you reprobates want to join me? Here's the link: Or go to and click on the book club link. We have a waiting room for security, so please name yourself something Sounds-related so I'll know who you are and to let you in. :)

Something I really need help with: the format they use is that the first session just introduces the book without anyone having read any of it yet. How do I talk about anything vaguely Queen's Thief related for 30-50 minutes without spoilers?

(And MWT-if you're reading this: PLEASE COME!!! I would die of happiness!)

Where there is coffee...

The Final Chat!

Well... not the final, final chat. Just the final quarantine chat. I hope our weekly chats over the past couple of months have provided you with some entertainment and human connection during these trying and chaotic times. Now that we are getting into summer and many of us are returning to work, weekly chats will be suspended until September (when we will soon have a new book to discuss). This does not mean that there will be no chats at all during the summer. This only means that chats will not be a regular, weekly occurrence.

All the more reason you should join us for our final chat tomorrow, Sunday May 31st, in the Conspiracy Room. The password is HERE.

4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

For more time zones, check the World Clock.

See you there!

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MWT chat

Are any of you going to participate in her chat tomorrow (5/27)? I will be at work so cannot do anything. If any of you do check it out, would you be willing to post about it here? I attempted to submit a question but am not sure if it went through. She said she has about 20 minutes and would try to answer some questions if we submitted them ahead of time.
TaT--This Ship is on Fire!

Penultimate Chat!

Our penultimate quarantine chat is tonight! Join us in the Conspiracy Room for a live chat and mingle with other reprobates. Password is HERE. See you there!

4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

Check the World Clock for more time zones. There will be one more chat next weekend. After that, weekly chats will be suspended until the fall. However, we will still be having a few irregular chats on occasion.

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Hunger Games: Frosting

Sunday Evening Chat!

Summer is almost here, reprobates! And with that, things are starting to reopen again. They just started allowing nonessential businesses to reopen in my state, and I know many areas are reaching that point as well.

I was thinking we could finish May, and have three more weekly chats, including tonights. After that, I plan to suspend weekly chats for the summer. I would like to continue them in September and into October, so we can discuss Return of the Thief. Let me know your thoughts on this at the chat tonight in the Conspiracy Room, Password is HERE.

4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

Check the World Clock for more time zones.