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MWT chat

Are any of you going to participate in her chat tomorrow (5/27)? I will be at work so cannot do anything. If any of you do check it out, would you be willing to post about it here? I attempted to submit a question but am not sure if it went through. She said she has about 20 minutes and would try to answer some questions if we submitted them ahead of time.
TaT--This Ship is on Fire!

Penultimate Chat!

Our penultimate quarantine chat is tonight! Join us in the Conspiracy Room for a live chat and mingle with other reprobates. Password is HERE. See you there!

4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

Check the World Clock for more time zones. There will be one more chat next weekend. After that, weekly chats will be suspended until the fall. However, we will still be having a few irregular chats on occasion.

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Hunger Games: Frosting

Sunday Evening Chat!

Summer is almost here, reprobates! And with that, things are starting to reopen again. They just started allowing nonessential businesses to reopen in my state, and I know many areas are reaching that point as well.

I was thinking we could finish May, and have three more weekly chats, including tonights. After that, I plan to suspend weekly chats for the summer. I would like to continue them in September and into October, so we can discuss Return of the Thief. Let me know your thoughts on this at the chat tonight in the Conspiracy Room, Password is HERE.

4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

Check the World Clock for more time zones.

Book Tours?

Does anyone have any idea if where are/were book tours planned for the release of "The Return of the Thief" and where the stops might be?

I assume those kinds of things are largely cancelled for the next few months, and the October release date is probably right around when they're expecting a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks.......

But just in case, does anyone know? Is there a source that I should be following or subscribed to in order to find out these things? I feel like I always hear about appearances after the fact...


(no subject)

I saw a poem on Tumblr the other day, and as I read over this portion of it again today, with Queen's Thief very much on my mind (as usual), I thought of The Queen of Attolia:

Please: take my wavering shadow, wrap it around your
knuckles, tuck in its end with your scarred, nimble thumb.
Wind it into your warm palm and cast it out behind us,
next to yours, two narrow sails, frayed standards, rippling
side by side.

You can read the whole poem, by LeighAnna Schesser, here, but I've quoted the part that really stood out to me. "Wavering shadow" makes me think of Irene, the shadow princess, and "scarred, nimble thumb" obviously makes me think of Gen, and the "narrow sails, frayed standards," of the war that breaks out between them, before ultimately uniting them "side by side."

Yeah. These characters give me feels.
QT: Attolis

Any interest in another Hamiathes Gift fic exchange?

Hi! I've been meaning to pop round for awhile to propose this, but I'm shy.

I also don't know how to run a gift exchange, I was just looking at the big block of instructional text on AO3 and my eyes glazed over. However I really love gift exchanges -- remember how lively the one was right after Thick and Thieves was released?? I feel like I don't want to miss out on that momentum again, with our very last book release upon us.

+ So, first things first... pendrecarc are you still around/have any interest in running another exchange for us?

+ Second things second: anyone else have any interest in running an exchange for us?

+ Third things third: is there enough interest in participating to drive me to overcome my Luddite ways and figure out how to run thee exchange myself?

--> Basically I'm just looking for a show of hands of people who'd be interested in participating, keeping in mind the timing of it all; The Book drops in early October so the exchange might be encroaching on the typically busy autumn/winter holidays season.

Be blessed, friends


Sunday Chats Now at an Earlier Time

The results are in! According to my poll, Sunday evenings are still the preferred schedule for everyone, but we will continue with the new earlier time, so it doesn't get too late for all of you on the east coast. If you plan to attend chats and haven't voted yet, vote for Pol!

Sunday evening chats will continue tomorrow, April 19th, in the Conspiracy Room. Password is HERE. Only community members have access to the chat room.

4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

Check the world clock for more time zones.

I know this new time is technically late afternoon for the Pacific coast, but none of you voted in my poll. This is what happens when you don't exercise your right to democracy.

Weekly chats will continue for the duration of the shutdown. So if you've banished yourself to isolation for the good of the land, why not hang out with us? See you there!