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Jul. 6th, 2015 | 08:21 pm
posted by: meerclar_heidi in sounis

Pretty random, but I couldn't think of anyone else who would appreciate this story.

I was listening to the audiobooks in the car this morning, as I often do. I have QoA, KoA and CoK audiobooks on my ipod, but since I ripped them from the cd, the mp3 have titles like 3g, 3h, 3i. Which means I was ending up listening to a snippet of KoA, followed by a snippet, of QoA, and then a snippet of CoK, then back to the next snippet of KoA.
Gen was dancing with Attolia, then he was stealing the Magus, and then suddenly Sophos was being reunited with his father, and then Gen was meeting with Dite...
Not the most optimal listening experience, but kinda fun.

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Book Covers and nonwhite characters

Jul. 3rd, 2015 | 08:43 pm
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posted by: checkers65477 in sounis

Great question from an Anon someone, regarding the Queen's Thief book covers and how they differ from the actual description of the characters:

I just closed the last page of ACoK after (another) full retread of the series- so that's what I've been reading! And I've found myself here because I haven't been able to find a discussion on how the covers for the books have been whitewashed, and it's something that's been nagging at me! Is there links anyone could point me too, or fan art of Gen that is closer the MWT's description?

In all the books, Gen is described as having "dark skin."  How do you picture the characters in the books? Do you think the book covers do the characters justice? Were they made "whiter" in order to appeal to the broadest audience? What's your take on these links that talk about the lack of diverse characters in YA lit/fantasy/sci fi?

Post your comments here, and take a minute to read this great article by Deirdre Baker: Horn Book Article: Musings on Diverse Worlds

And this article on "whitewashed" covers of YA books

Also, from sounis :
Discussion of Eugenides as a Nonwhite Hero

Concept Art for ACoK
Artist Vince Natale's drawings for the book covers

On a lighter note, there was a great deal of discussion about the cover of ACoK, just before it was published. The ARC had a mustached Sophos on the cover, which was changed more than once. Check out these discussions as the changes to our buffed-up Sophos were made:
Facial Hair!Sophos
A Conspiracy of Artists
Life At Greenwillow

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I figured it out!

Jul. 3rd, 2015 | 12:01 am
posted by: mikkaybear in sounis

After many hours days months idle moments obsessing over our Book 5 words (dirt, gold, slave, lion, ship), I've figured out what MWT was trying to tell us!

Clearly, it's an anagram for "Sophos Averting Dill Lid." Must be some nasty pickles... or some tightly sealed jars. Sophos can't have that causing problems in Sounis, and he cleverly averts the problem by giving them to Gen, who couldn't open them anyway because of his hand. But Gen realizes their potential and ultimately ends up thwarting the Mede... by sending the emperor a shipment of dill pickle jars that HE CAN NEVER OPEN. THE HORROR. THE CRUELTY. DUN DUN DUN.

More funny Sophos anagrams found here! I also liked the idea of Sophos opening a dental office, but unless the Mede emperor had a lot of cavities, Gen couldn't use that to his advantage. ;)

(In other news, I think I'm going slightly crazy in the interim... anyone else want to analyze animal imagery [especially in ACoK!!! Lions and foxes, oh my!] or cry over potential parallels between the stories of the gods and Gen's fate [WHAT ABOUT GOD EUGENIDES HAVING HIS BROTHER DIE IN HIS ARMS] while we wait for Book 5?)

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While She Knits - Summer Reading

Jul. 2nd, 2015 | 09:07 pm
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posted by: checkers65477 in sounis

Happy 4th-of-July-Official-Holiday to all you Yanks, and Happy It's July Summer to everyone in the northern hemisphere. Happy Wintertime to those of you in the southern-most parts of the world, and Happy Add Your Own Holiday Here to everyone else.

Whew, that was way harder than you would think. We are a diverse group, geographically speaking.

What are you reading during these lazy days of summer/winter/whatev ? Do you have anything to recommend, or to stay far away from?

I just finished Leigh Bardugo's Grisha Trilogy and recommend it highly. At first, it seemed like lots of other fantasy Evil Wants to Take Over the World stories, albeit set in a Russian-like magical world. But I liked book 1 and loved book 2. Book three was nicely done, with a satisfying ending to the series. And, there is an adorable Gen-like character who makes witty, scathing, self-deprecating comments throughout and who I really came to love.

Whatcha reading, everyone?

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Very old fanart

Jun. 29th, 2015 | 03:15 pm
posted by: rosaleeluann in sounis

I was emptying the memory card for my old camera today. As I was looking through these years-old photos, I came across a couple of little fan art pieces I never shared here. Though it is a little embarrassing to look back at old art sometimes, I thought it would still be fun to share.


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San Francisco Meetup with MWT

Jun. 28th, 2015 | 12:59 pm
posted by: drashizu in sounis

Hey Sounisians! I went to San Francisco to the meetup in Yerba Buena Gardens yesterday and, of course, took notes! And there are pictures! And... potentially very great news? I'll post them behind a cut.

Meetup details!Collapse )

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Meetup Tomorrow!

Jun. 26th, 2015 | 02:27 pm
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posted by: checkers65477 in sounis

Just a reminder that there is a sounis meetup scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 in San Francisco. Read all the details here.

The rest of us will be sitting here, sadly, at our computers, waiting to see some pics and hear all about it. Have fun, all who are able to go!

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Tiny little meetup

Jun. 17th, 2015 | 12:13 am
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posted by: checkers65477 in sounis

Guess who I had lunch with yesterday?

Look! Look! Here we are.

It was a bit last minute, but Megan and I met up for lunch and a chat. We had a great time and, although I have no book news to report, her new hairstyle really is awesome.

We did talk about her upcoming trip to the ALA annual conference in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. Even if you are not a member of the ALA, if you're in the area you should go just to the exhibits. A ticket is $60 and that gets you entrance to all the vendors, including lots and lots of publishers with freebies, author signings, and swag. AND you can see MWT live and in person.
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Coming Soon - Two CA Meet Ups!

Jun. 9th, 2015 | 09:55 pm
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posted by: checkers65477 in sounis

Sort of like "Megan Does California" but in a bookish, literary way.  Megan is giving us details about two meetups, one an organized panel open to the public, and the second a smaller You-Have-to-Know-the-Secret-Sounis-Handshake kind of one. Or wear a forked red beard. Or something.  Use your imagination.


I’m going to be at Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park on Monday, 29 June at 7:00 pm with
Elizabeth Fama, Stephanie Keuhn, Rebecca Hahn and perhaps Tamara Stone Ireland.
and I’d love to see Sounisians there.  It’s going to be a bit of a cocktail with a little
bit of a panel and a lot of standing around chatting with whoever shows up.  In that
way, it’s very much like our usual get-togethers, but it might be more organized and chatting
might be more limited than usual for our Mini-Thief Cons. I’ve advertised it on my tumblr and
I will try to post about it at least a couple more times between now and then.


I am also going to be at an old school Sounis Meet Up with a couple of Bay Area
librarians and fans in the Yerba Buena Gardens right across from Moscone Center where
they are holding ALA at 2:00 pm on Saturday June 27.

Kepler's Books
1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 324-4321

Yerbe Buena Gardens
750 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 820-3550

Who can be there? Go, people, go! Sadly, I will be thousands miles away. What about you?

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ot: Heyer gets blue plaque

Jun. 8th, 2015 | 08:43 am
mood: jubilantjubilant
posted by: filkferengi in sounis


Well, at least that settles the pronunciation questions for good and all.

filkferengi, cute when both smug and right

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