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Happy Birthday, Megan!

Nov. 21st, 2015 | 03:27 pm
posted by: booksrgood4u in sounis

Hey everyone!!

Guess what today is? It's Miss Megan's birthday! Y'all know what that means - time to sign the birthday card (so sorry I didn't get this up a day early as I usually do, having major tech issues)

So without further ado, here's the card -

Happy Birthday!Collapse )

Edited to add:filkferengi let me know that the image isn't loading, so if you're having trouble, you can view the card on my Tumblr page (Megan has lots of fans on Tumblr in case anyone here is also a Tumblr user)

May you be blessed in your endeavors and may Sophos (and Gen for that matter) leave your birthday cake happily alone!


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ot: cool Japanese covers

Nov. 14th, 2015 | 02:35 pm
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music: John Wort Hannam--With The Grain
posted by: filkferengi in sounis

Knowing how enthused some hereabouts are for Japanese cover art, here are the covers for the Japanese editions of Bujold's _Captain Vorpatril's Alliance_.


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While She Knits - Has anyone read...?

Nov. 11th, 2015 | 09:58 am
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posted by: checkers65477 in sounis

It's Veteran's Day here in the US, a holiday set aside to honor all who have served or are serving in our armed forces. Happily, most schools are closed, which means a lovely mid-week break for me.

So, how about a WSKs post? Two questions for you.

Have you been considering reading something and would like to know if anyone else has read it?

Whatcha been reading lately? Anything good? Bad?

I'll start. A few years ago some of us were crazy for the Eli Monpress books by Rachel Aaron. They're a lot of fun and Eli is a Gen-like character with some great sidekicks. I just noticed that she had a new book out last year which is the start of an urban fantasy series. It's called Nice Dragons Finish Last. Has anyone read it? Was it any good?

I read Uprooted by Naomi Novik and really liked it. Thanks to whoever here recommended it. I kept picturing Benedict Cumberbatch as The Dragon, which made me happy.


I'm guessing this tree must be in Megan's back yard, don't you think?

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ot: e-Regency sale

Nov. 4th, 2015 | 11:20 am
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posted by: filkferengi in sounis

from the Bujold list this morning:


Sourcebooks Casablanca is having an 80 Regencies for 80 Hours sale. To
celebrate the release of Heyer's Regency Buck 80 years ago Sourcebooks has
80 Regencies on sale for $1.99 each...


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MWT blogs about Discovery

Nov. 3rd, 2015 | 07:28 pm
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music: sia - burn the pages
posted by: checkers65477 in sounis

A couple weeks Megan had this on her Tumblr page and said it was ok to repost it here.  Thoughts? Ideas? How about an old fashioned discussion?

From MWT:

I don’t think I can say anything about Diversity that hasn’t already been said better by people like the late Walter Dean Myers, Erika L. Sánchez, Cindy Pon, Malindo Lo and the many voices at We Need Diverse Books.

I’d like to say something, though, about Discovery.  It’s my particular hobby horse and I could talk about it forever, (and I am about to, sorry) which is probably why I don’t get invited out much, now that I think of it.


When a Librarian suggests a book to a patron, it’s Reader’s Advisory.  When we go looking for ourselves, it’s called Discovery.  Reader’s Advisory is the bomb, and I still think that best way to get something new to read is to have someone who knows what you like do all the work of finding books and then recommend them to you.  But it’s a bad method of Discovery.

I think we have to invent new, better, methods of Discovery if we want to increase Diversity.  I think we have to change our business model for selling books.

The current business model for books is – hunt for the Best Seller that will make profits that in turn carry other less successful books. So– the majority of every list will always be books that the publishers have selected as potential bestsellers.  They need to hit the jackpot from time to time in order to keep their bottom line in the black and that means they need to buy a lot of tickets for the lottery.  They make ARCs and hope their ARC will be the one out of five or six or thirty that a reviewer reads.  They hope that the reviewer will write an eye-catching review that will beget more and more readers and reviews and buzz for that book will rise in a self-feeding cycle.   Other ARCs fade into the background until everyone online is talking about Harry Potter or Eleanor and Park or Dumplin’ and there’s one book you can pretty much guarantee will be faced out in every single Barnes and Noble you go into.

Forgive me if I use the word wrong because I didn’t study this in school, but I think the word for this is normative.  Walter Dean Myers wanted it to be -normal- to see a story about an African American on the NYT Bestseller list.  That is a goal worth reaching.  On the other hand, I still hate this system because it leaves so many other books almost invisible.

Old books for example (another favorite topic of mine, sorry).  Books drop off the radar so fast, books with minority characters or issues, even faster. A library can build up a lot of books over time on diverse topics and they will still be invisible on the shelves.  And there will always be more different kinds of people and stories than can fit on a list ten books long.  Even if you have two lists.  Or six, if most of the stuff overlaps.

Goodreads and Tumblr and even WNDB work best when people devote a significant amount of time to learning about books they don’t want to read in order to see the few that they think do.  Those are your sophisticated Discoverers.  We need a means for the unsophisticated. The young, the disenfranchised, the occasional reader.

Reader’s Advisory is the bomb, and Librarians are the best.  But too many people don’t have a librarian.  We need systems that work for them.

There was an exchange a few months back on Holly Black’s Tumblr.  I’d be a hypocrite not to confess some sympathy for a person who wants the world to crowdsource diverse books and put them on the NYT Bestseller list for easy pickings.   But I don’t think trying to get our own favorite thing into a NYT Best seller is the best goal.  Not when pushing something else off the list means pushing it off a cliff.

I think we have to create a way to make finding books easier. I think we have to break loose from the Normative Best Sellers and set our sights on smaller sales as a sign of greater diversity. If it were easier for people to find the books they want, it would be cheaper and more profitable for publishers to deliver those books to them.

Kameron Hurley recently wrote the average book sells 3,000 copies in its lifetime.  These are the books that best sellers support. I am pretty sure that publishers could make money on 3,000 books if they knew exactly how many books to publish and if they knew they could get those books into the hands of the people who wanted to read them without spending a blockbuster’s budget on advertising.

I’d like Cindy Pon’s Serpentine to be a mainstream bestseller, but honestly it’s more important to me (Sorry, Cindy!) that that one kid in New England who needs to read it is able to find it.  If that kid’s life were better for reading Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush, by Virginia Hamilton, I want them to be able to find it.  Easily. When there are hundreds of thousands of invisible e-books in my public library, I want kids to be able to pick their way through some prompts and come up with a personalized list of great stuff to read–things they could have picked for themselves, things they never knew they’d like until they saw the synopsis on the screen, old stuff, new stuff, safe stuff, powerful stuff.  I want them to be able to connect safely with people like them in other communities so they can share recommendations. I’d like moms or dads who aren’t readers themselves to be able to pick out ten or twelve likely books for their fourth graders.

So, please, if you are a librarian, or a Library School, or an IT person with a computer in the garage, please try to come up with better ways to Discover books.  Because I’m very lazy.  And I’d like you to do the work for me.  Thanks.

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ot: Heyer e-book sale?

Nov. 3rd, 2015 | 10:55 am
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posted by: filkferengi in sounis

This came from the Heyer list this morning. Since I don't have an e-reader, I can neither confirm nor deny. I hope it's true, so everyone can get in on the fun in more ways.


There are a whole bunch of Heyer ebooks on sale for $1.99 - 80 hour
sale? At B&N, Kobo, Amazon.

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50 Ways To Write A Fight Scene

Oct. 28th, 2015 | 10:45 pm
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posted by: filkferengi in sounis

Is this where mwt gets some of her ideas, do you suppose?


Tee hee hee.
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MWT on a panel

Oct. 20th, 2015 | 10:59 am
posted by: rosaleeluann in sounis

Awhile back I stumbled on this series of videos from Brandon Sanderson's writing class and started listening to them sometimes while working. The one I started today was a con panel, not a class. It went on awhile before I heard a voice that I recognized... yep. Its Megan!

I don't know if anyone has linked to this before, if so I'm sorry. I just thought it was cool. :-)

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Legarus the Awesomely Beautiful

Oct. 18th, 2015 | 09:22 pm
posted by: jessre in sounis

The tumblr Ancient Art posted a few months ago on declarations of young male beauty on art (pottery etc). The post was made in July of this year, so MWT couldn't have read it before King of Attolia - but... I'm hoping that her Legarus the Awesomely Beautiful (yes it needs to be written with capitals) came from the same source that this post cites. And she did, more recently, repost on her tumblr a photo of an ancient Greek butterfly necklace from Ancient Art, so I wonder if she saw the kalos/Leagros article and chuckled to herself.

I really really really doubt that the Attolian Legarus/Leagros will ever become a general, pretty looks notwithstanding, though.

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ot: concert video

Sep. 20th, 2015 | 09:57 am
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posted by: filkferengi in sounis

Back in July, I went to Confluence & saw far too many concerts. Just in case anyone's wondering why I continue to subject myself to such excellence, here's part of why, the video of the music guest of honor:


The signer & guest musicians are good, & the goh herself isn't too bad, either!


This was just what I needed to transition from that post-housefilk euphoria. Folks drove in from South Carolina & Mississippi, & there was protracted skyping with the crowd from Denver. Fun!
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